This is a new group with the intention of looking at the potential of developing a new Professional Body for ODPs.

A Body run exclusively by ODPs for ODPs

A Body inclusive of all sectors of the profession
clinical, academic, management, military, private sector, locum, those working abroad.......
A Body independent of Union control
A Body whose professional council is elected by and are accountable to the membership

 We aim to represent all ODPs

Help us to form a new independent Professional Body to represent ODPs nationally to not only ensure the future of the profession but to promote & take us forward to ensure parity with our peer healthcare practitioners.

Register today and join us on a journey to take back control of our profession and future


Download the SODP Scheme Document here, and the Proposal Form & Rates Document here.


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Key issues to consider

  • Where is the profession heading?
  • How do we fit in with our professional colleagues?
  • What representation do we have at a National level?
  • Just who is representing us?
  • How best can we communication information to the masses